Why you should use essential oils!

Do you see everyone getting the flu or getting a cold every year? Do you sometimes feel tired during the day or do you not sleep well? Do you or any of your family have any allergies or skin conditions?

All this is caused by toxins in our environment and body. Our shampoo, shower gel, day cream, deodorant, etc… are full of synthetic chemicals. Together with other pollution, food additives, and so many other toxins, our body is attacked every day in every way!

It iyinyang_baguas our task to take our life back and get a more natural lifestyle. We need to nourish our body and mind! What better then than helping it with high quality essential oils.

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I am a life coach and Tai Chi instructor using essential oils in my practice to help people on a more holistic basis.


What is your story?

I want to tell you my story…
I worked in a bank in Belgium. It was a 9 to 5 job in an office with closed windows and my health was getting worse.
I moved to China in 2008, the middle of the financial crisis and I pursuit my passion: learn Kungfu and Taichi. I was an English teacher and after a couple of years I opened a cafe.

But… I didn’t like that I had to be at the cafe every day. It was also a tourist place, so I had to earn more in summer to cover for the winter and worked 16 hours a day during festivals. After 3 years, I was in debt, lost my relationship and had no job anymore.

It was hard to get over that again, but after more than 1 year, I met my husband and moved to Shenzhen. At first, I was an English teacher and I didn’t know anyone else besides my husband.
Everything changed when I met someone who introduced me to Doterra, an essential oils company. I came into a community of inspiring people who take care of their health and personal development.

Thanks to Doterra I have a product to take care of my and my family’s health and I have been doing a lot of personal development.
I am on my way to achieve my biggest dreams and I have the life and freedom I really want!

This is my new project: Combine Tai Chi, life coaching and essential oils together to help others to get optimal health and also achieve the life they deserve.

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