Chinese New Year

A couple of days ago, my husband decided to buy a Cobra snake to eat. We were at a fish market and we saw some sellers selling snakes, rats etc… to eat. I never ate snake and he found a seller who sold Cobra snakes.

They killed it right there in the shop and cut it open. They gave me the gall bladder in some ricewine and I had to swallow it in one go! ‘Good for my eyes,’ my husband said.

Well, I drank it, because, frankly, I wanna try everything in life! But, don’t believe a thing that it’s good for my eyes… That evening, we had a nice soup of Cobra snake and chicken, a traditional Chinese dish. They call it the Dragon Phoenix soup: dragon is snake and phoenix is soup.

But, I do just keep faith in my essential oils to keep my body healthy! I don’t believe the poor snake has any health benefits. Who dares to try?

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