Take action every day

We are almost at the end of February. How are you doing on your goals for this year? I don’t want to call it resolutions, because that seems like something short-term and short-lived. Your goals set you on the path to achieve your dreams.

Before, I was setting goals, but didn’t believe strongly that I would achieve them or there was a setback and I forgot about them. I also thought I didn’t have the willpower to stick to whatever I wanted. I thought I was just like that.

Because of a couple major setbacks I got on the path to personal development and wow! the changes in my life…

It didn’t come overnight, so, I still had some small breakdowns, but now, I can say that my life is getting better and I am moving towards my dream!

I came to China in 2008 to study Kung Fu and Tai Chi. A different culture gave its problems and time to adjust for sure! Since 2015, I live with my Chinese husband in Shenzhen, a big city near Hong Kong. I met wellness advocates of essential oils and am now doing this business too as it goes together with my holistic health approach.
My dream was to do workshops in Tai Chi and to help people to find balance in their body and mind! This year, I have launched a new project: Body and Mind Challenger (a friend suggested this title) and I give workshops in Tai Chi and personal development.

I have to pinch myself to understand that this is truly happening! It was a process of years, but finally I have almost achieved it! My mission and vision is to spread these workshops all over the world. Make people aware about what they can achieve!



Chinese New Year

A couple of days ago, my husband decided to buy a Cobra snake to eat. We were at a fish market and we saw some sellers selling snakes, rats etc… to eat. I never ate snake and he found a seller who sold Cobra snakes.

They killed it right there in the shop and cut it open. They gave me the gall bladder in some ricewine and I had to swallow it in one go! ‘Good for my eyes,’ my husband said.

Well, I drank it, because, frankly, I wanna try everything in life! But, don’t believe a thing that it’s good for my eyes… That evening, we had a nice soup of Cobra snake and chicken, a traditional Chinese dish. They call it the Dragon Phoenix soup: dragon is snake and phoenix is soup.

But, I do just keep faith in my essential oils to keep my body healthy! I don’t believe the poor snake has any health benefits. Who dares to try?

If you need more information on essential oils and what they can do for you, go to my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bodyandmindchallenger/