Your third eye revealed and how to take care of it…

Research shows that the Third Eye Yogis and the Veda’s are referring to is in fact our pineal gland. The pineal gland is a gland in the middle of our brain the size of a pea (although, apparently in ancipineal-glandent times, it was the size of a lemon).

The pineal gland is one of the most important ones as:
# it regulates our hormonal balance,
# it produces the hormone melatonin, which
@ is important for our sleep patterns
@ reduces stress,
@ regulates our energy levels
@improves physical performance
And has been identified as the Eye of Isis and the Third Eye. Ancient cultures believed that this is the seat of our soul, the place where we raise to a higher consciousness.

However, in a lot of people the pineal gland is calcified, due to a poor diet, drinking caffeine, alcohol and by heavy metals in our environment.
Some symptoms of a calcified pineal gland are:
# confusion
# stress and anxiety
# depression
# pessimism
# envy and jealousy
# early puberty in children

We can make our pineal gland healthy again by:
# eating unprocessed food, eliminate or reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol consumed.
# meditation
# taking essential oils: frankincense, clary sage, myrrh and sandalwood. Studies show that when inhaling any of these essential oils might bring your pineal gland into action.

Until 15 January you can get a free bottle of Frankincense essential oil. Apart from taking care of your pineal gland, Frankincense has many more benefits.
Contact me for more information and start the new year by taking care of your health and bring more awareness!


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