Get the real essence of life

I am doing a lot of research for my workshops next year… Getting all the knowledge I acquired these past years and I am amazed by what I have learned already. I am watching videos on Chinese traditional medicine, but do you know that we had (have) Western traditional medicine? I studied it in Belgium years ago: the 4 temperaments by Galen, Hippocrates and further established by Avicenna.
I like Avicenna and have his book ‘the Canon of Medicine’. A must-read for everyone who wants a natural solution.

Essential oils are a must-have with that: they balance our temperaments, our bodies. They have the life energy of the plant in them. This is what we need to nourish our body, not some synthetic supplement or drug.

Let 2017 be a year to balance your temperaments and to nourish your body and mind with the real essence of life!


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