My Coaching journey begins

I have done a lot about personal development and looking for life purpose. I went to many seminars and trainings and now I feel it is the time to step up.

You know, every new beginnings are scary. So, I went to more seminars, more trainings and always told myself that I was not ready. I didn’t have the right knowledge yet or at least not enough, I was still at the beginning of my own journey, I thought.
But, these last months I thought a lot about the road I have already traveled and I am amazed by how far I have got already. These last few weeks, a few of my friends and acquaintances told me that I am an inspiration for them, because they saw me grow and go towards my real life purpose. They asked me to teach them my insights and my tips.

So, that is when I realize that I will never be fully ready until I take the step to finally call myself a coach. I have been thinking on how to call myself as I will combine my three skills: Tai Chi, Personal Development and Essential Oils. I don’t want to call myself life coach as I find it too narrow for what I do.
What do you think of the following?
* Life Purpose coach
* Holistic health leader
* Self awareness Instructor

Let me know your favorite? And I will give you a coaching session for only 20 EUR/ 20 USD now. We can do it through Skype!

I am looking forward to 2017!!! It is going to be a year full of workshops, seminars, online trainings, write an e-book,… I am looking forward to it as I am finally taking action towards my Life Purpose!

If you still feel stuck to find yours, send me an email at:


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