Get the real essence of life

I am doing a lot of research for my workshops next year… Getting all the knowledge I acquired these past years and I am amazed by what I have learned already. I am watching videos on Chinese traditional medicine, but do you know that we had (have) Western traditional medicine? I studied it in Belgium years ago: the 4 temperaments by Galen, Hippocrates and further established by Avicenna.
I like Avicenna and have his book ‘the Canon of Medicine’. A must-read for everyone who wants a natural solution.

Essential oils are a must-have with that: they balance our temperaments, our bodies. They have the life energy of the plant in them. This is what we need to nourish our body, not some synthetic supplement or drug.

Let 2017 be a year to balance your temperaments and to nourish your body and mind with the real essence of life!


21 principles

I am working on a whole new set of workshops on Tai Chi and Personal development. It is going to be amazing! I am so thrilled, so excited to teach the world (Yes, I am dreaming big ;)) about the benefits of Tai Chi and how to grow and find our life purpose.

I will guide people through this process using, first, the Tai Chi meditation, then 2 Tai Chi basic movements and then an 18 form, using the main movements out of a traditional form. Each movement will be accompanied by a personal development chapter.

The first principle is the Zhan Zhuang or Tai Chi meditation. It means literally ‘standing like a post’ and is just a standing posture where you control your breathing.

Wang Xiangzhai, one of the first Chinese masters who recommended this posture as daily practice says this:

“In silence there must be movement, and in motion,
there must be silence.
A small movement is better than a big,
no movement is better than a small
silence is all the movement’s mother.
In Movement you should be like a dragon or a tiger.
In non Movement you should be like a Buddha.”
–Wang Xiangzhai

He talks about the 4 paradoxes of it:

  • Standing still is good exercise
  • Holding your arms up is relaxing
  • Time flies when you are doing nothing
  • Static posture training promotes fluid and coordinated movement.

And it is so true! I can tell you by my own experience that it sounds unbelievable. At first I didn’t want to do it, I wanted to just practice and learn movements. I found standing still was a waste of time. But, after months and some pressure from my Tai Chi teacher, I did it and I felt totally different.

These principles that are so hard to believe with our Western mind, I can teach you step by step and believe me… It will change your life!IMG_2316

It’s my birthday!

23 December is my birthday. It always makes me happy, because it is the perfect time of the year! It is almost Christmas, so I feel my birthday is special because of all the lights in the city, the decorations, everyone is happy,…

Even though, sometimes, as a child, I didn’t like it, because everyone was busy with Christmas and most of the time I got 1 big present: my birthday, Christmas and Newyear combined. But, now, I find it a special time.balance-grounding-essential-oil-blend-doterra

This time of the year it is a time to celebrate and to be happy. If you feel too overwhelmed or you feel a bit down for some reason, there is an essential oil blend that helps you get through the difficult moments.
I use this blend in my Tai Chi classes to help people during meditation. It stops the monkey in your brain to jump around and be quiet for a while.

I wish everyone a merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.


My Coaching journey begins

I have done a lot about personal development and looking for life purpose. I went to many seminars and trainings and now I feel it is the time to step up.

You know, every new beginnings are scary. So, I went to more seminars, more trainings and always told myself that I was not ready. I didn’t have the right knowledge yet or at least not enough, I was still at the beginning of my own journey, I thought.
But, these last months I thought a lot about the road I have already traveled and I am amazed by how far I have got already. These last few weeks, a few of my friends and acquaintances told me that I am an inspiration for them, because they saw me grow and go towards my real life purpose. They asked me to teach them my insights and my tips.

So, that is when I realize that I will never be fully ready until I take the step to finally call myself a coach. I have been thinking on how to call myself as I will combine my three skills: Tai Chi, Personal Development and Essential Oils. I don’t want to call myself life coach as I find it too narrow for what I do.
What do you think of the following?
* Life Purpose coach
* Holistic health leader
* Self awareness Instructor

Let me know your favorite? And I will give you a coaching session for only 20 EUR/ 20 USD now. We can do it through Skype!

I am looking forward to 2017!!! It is going to be a year full of workshops, seminars, online trainings, write an e-book,… I am looking forward to it as I am finally taking action towards my Life Purpose!

If you still feel stuck to find yours, send me an email at: