Emotional healing

I am still reading a lot about personal development and I am still amazed on how the Univeloverse is working.
Last week, I went swimming on Saturday and the chlorine was making me not feel that good. I had a bit of a headache and my ears were stuffed. The next day, I went to a wine event. We could taste every wine there and had the chance to buy them. After tasting too many wines, I was so drunk that I just passed out when I got home. So far for my intention of being healthier and keep everything in moderation. The next day, I had to go to Hong Kong with a major hangover, I again indulged in too much coffee and carbs = sweet bread, cake,…

So, because of these 2 things (swimming in a pool with too much chlorine and the alcohol, I think) I became sick. I had a major cold, my throat was sore and I was coughing a lot, so much so that I couldn’t talk. I am also teaching Tai Chi to children every afternoon now and that includes a lot of shouting, so, my cold didn’t get better.

I had so many plans this week, because, apart from teaching in the afternoon, I didn’t have anything to do, so I thought of working a lot on my business plan, prepare promotion material for Tai Chi, work on a health course, work on a success course,…

I was reading the book, Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein and did more meditation. I felt more and more miracles coming my way. Because of being sick, I felt more negative again, nothing came my way, I felt worried and sad about my future again. Then, after I finished Spirit Junkie, I started to read a book a friend gave me months ago: The Inner Goddess.
From the moment I started reading it, I felt I had to read it now and I had to keep on reading it until I finished it. Every free moment I read and I didn’t do anything else. My mind couldn’t focus on something else anyway. A couple of chapters gave me literally the chills and I felt a great anxiety, but other chapters made me feel very positive and confident. I discovered so much about my past, my personality, my situation just in one book.

I feel now that I had to become sick. The fact that I was sick with a sore throat and coughing = not being able to express myself, made me think I needed to do some emotional healing of knowing who I am and how to express myself. I needed to take some time to reflect on myself before continuing with other business projects. I understand so much more about myself, why I do what I do, even why I have sometimes problems with my husband (or definitely why we had problems before) and why I needed the situations of everything that happened to me to teach me, to guide me, to let me feel confident and see clearly the definite purpose of my life. A light shone and I see everything so much clearer! And… believe it or not, but as soon as I started reading the last chapter of that book, miracles started to happen again.

What happened in your life? Did you have a major revelation? I would love you to share your story. If you want to talk in private to me, send me an email: healthy-body-mind@outlook.com


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