Your adventure called life

What is your idea of an ‘adventure’?

Does it involve traveling to places you have never been and seeing how differently people live, compared to you? Close your eyes now, and remember the last ‘adventure’ you went on. I bet there were times that you felt way out of your comfort zone. Sort of scary at the time, wasn’t it?
Looking back on it now, you realize that this was where the real growth and learning was for you. Are you creating the time and space for adventure in your life? If not, then when do you actmmexport1455932860771ually plan to bring this into your reality? Do you believe that you have to wait for retirement? Would you feel guilty if you went off by yourself for a week? What about the money you will be spending – do you see this as frivolous? How do you define adventure? Maybe it can be something as simple as exploring a part of the city you’ve never been or go to the countryside…

There is a lot to be said for taking time for yourself occasionally. This is ‘me-time’. It feeds your body and soul – and gives you more to be able to give of yourself to your loved ones.

Let me know when you felt out of your comfort zone, how you felt and how it helped you grow!

I have been living in China since 2008, where I thought of just staying 1 year to study Kung Fu. I lived in the countryside for more than 6 years and last year, I moved to a big city in China, married a Chinese and teach Tai Chi to the expats here. Over the years I’ve had major downs, in 2013 I hit rock bottom, but crawled back up and got my life together again. I teach about personal development as well as how to keep your body and mind fit through meditation and exercise. Life gave me hard lessons and, as with all of us, it’s how we interpret those lessons that makes us grow big!

I am curious about your life’s journey!


2 thoughts on “Your adventure called life

  1. Those scary times are indeed where some of the most growth comes from. “Adventures” do not have to be expensive trips. Some of the most adventures can be found close to home we just have to open our eyes to see them.


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