A day of miracles

I have been reading a lot of personal development and I thought that my life was getting better, but slowly and with ups and again great downs…

I live in a  big city now since a year and a half. I needed a lot of time to adjust and to see what I could do. The only thing was, being an English teacher, as that was my only experience here in China, job-wise. I didn’t like it, especially because here I had to teach children. I was always teaching adults before and I dislike children. With adults I can have a decent conversation, with children it was mostly playing games and childish talk. I felt I took a major step back instead of going forward in life.

Slowly, I started to find people who introduced me to other, better prospects. They introduced me to essential oils, so I took more care of my body. And I started to talk to people about these oils. I felt more positive, my body felt better, some ailments disappeared and I take them everywhere. I wouldn’t be able to live without them: I take them in my water, massage them on my skin, cook with them and diffuse it in the air. Especially living in China, it helps to care and nurture my body.

I also started to live more towards my dream: be a Tai Chi teacher. I came to China to study Kung fu and Tai Chi and I thought I had to go back to the West to teach as I thought I wouldn’t be able to teach in China, because everyone would want to learn from a Chinese. But, I found out that for most foreigners there is still a major barrier between Chinese and them. Also, most Chinese don’t speak English well, so I could explain everything in English. I decided quickly to not teach children anymore, because I kept on hating it and move more towards my dream, even if it meant that I would not have much money at first.

Fast forchoose to becomeward several months now and the entire last month I felt desperate and lost. More people want me for Tai Chi, but it goes slowly and most expats go back to their country for the summer holiday, so I was looking at 2 months of almost no pay. Not knowing how to pay the rent each month, I desperately devoured books on ‘the law of attraction’, how to create money, how to find my way…

And… miracles do happen! This morning I woke up and started to count how many Tai Chi classes I would have next week: I have 10 booked. I would start a success course tomorrow on teaching people the principles of what I learned in the books of personal development. I was not sure if people would show up, but this morning I got a message of someone asking if she can bring 3 friends to the course. And during the day, I got other messages of people coming. I had an interview this morning with a language center who is looking for a French teacher (I thought of teaching for a few months again to have more cash). During the interview, we talked about my Tai Chi and my English teaching experience. She wants to cooperate with me to have my success course in her center. And to have 1 or 2 Tai Chi classes a week there as well. At noon, another center contacted me (I never met them or even thought they existed) and asked if I could teach Tai Chi at their center too!

I can’t believe it! It’s a day full of miracles! The Law of Attraction really works! What you ask, you get… You can send me a message if you want to know how you can get the life you want!


One thought on “A day of miracles

  1. Great post!!! I believe in the law of attraction as well. I believe in speaking positivity into your life daily. The power of life and death is in the tongue. I also love essential oils. I just had to re-up on some peppermint oil. I love that stuff. I dream of learning a martial art one day soon. Take care >


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