Emotional healing

I am still reading a lot about personal development and I am still amazed on how the Univeloverse is working.
Last week, I went swimming on Saturday and the chlorine was making me not feel that good. I had a bit of a headache and my ears were stuffed. The next day, I went to a wine event. We could taste every wine there and had the chance to buy them. After tasting too many wines, I was so drunk that I just passed out when I got home. So far for my intention of being healthier and keep everything in moderation. The next day, I had to go to Hong Kong with a major hangover, I again indulged in too much coffee and carbs = sweet bread, cake,…

So, because of these 2 things (swimming in a pool with too much chlorine and the alcohol, I think) I became sick. I had a major cold, my throat was sore and I was coughing a lot, so much so that I couldn’t talk. I am also teaching Tai Chi to children every afternoon now and that includes a lot of shouting, so, my cold didn’t get better.

I had so many plans this week, because, apart from teaching in the afternoon, I didn’t have anything to do, so I thought of working a lot on my business plan, prepare promotion material for Tai Chi, work on a health course, work on a success course,…

I was reading the book, Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein and did more meditation. I felt more and more miracles coming my way. Because of being sick, I felt more negative again, nothing came my way, I felt worried and sad about my future again. Then, after I finished Spirit Junkie, I started to read a book a friend gave me months ago: The Inner Goddess.
From the moment I started reading it, I felt I had to read it now and I had to keep on reading it until I finished it. Every free moment I read and I didn’t do anything else. My mind couldn’t focus on something else anyway. A couple of chapters gave me literally the chills and I felt a great anxiety, but other chapters made me feel very positive and confident. I discovered so much about my past, my personality, my situation just in one book.

I feel now that I had to become sick. The fact that I was sick with a sore throat and coughing = not being able to express myself, made me think I needed to do some emotional healing of knowing who I am and how to express myself. I needed to take some time to reflect on myself before continuing with other business projects. I understand so much more about myself, why I do what I do, even why I have sometimes problems with my husband (or definitely why we had problems before) and why I needed the situations of everything that happened to me to teach me, to guide me, to let me feel confident and see clearly the definite purpose of my life. A light shone and I see everything so much clearer! And… believe it or not, but as soon as I started reading the last chapter of that book, miracles started to happen again.

What happened in your life? Did you have a major revelation? I would love you to share your story. If you want to talk in private to me, send me an email: healthy-body-mind@outlook.com


Your adventure called life

What is your idea of an ‘adventure’?

Does it involve traveling to places you have never been and seeing how differently people live, compared to you? Close your eyes now, and remember the last ‘adventure’ you went on. I bet there were times that you felt way out of your comfort zone. Sort of scary at the time, wasn’t it?
Looking back on it now, you realize that this was where the real growth and learning was for you. Are you creating the time and space for adventure in your life? If not, then when do you actmmexport1455932860771ually plan to bring this into your reality? Do you believe that you have to wait for retirement? Would you feel guilty if you went off by yourself for a week? What about the money you will be spending – do you see this as frivolous? How do you define adventure? Maybe it can be something as simple as exploring a part of the city you’ve never been or go to the countryside…

There is a lot to be said for taking time for yourself occasionally. This is ‘me-time’. It feeds your body and soul – and gives you more to be able to give of yourself to your loved ones.

Let me know when you felt out of your comfort zone, how you felt and how it helped you grow!

I have been living in China since 2008, where I thought of just staying 1 year to study Kung Fu. I lived in the countryside for more than 6 years and last year, I moved to a big city in China, married a Chinese and teach Tai Chi to the expats here. Over the years I’ve had major downs, in 2013 I hit rock bottom, but crawled back up and got my life together again. I teach about personal development as well as how to keep your body and mind fit through meditation and exercise. Life gave me hard lessons and, as with all of us, it’s how we interpret those lessons that makes us grow big!

I am curious about your life’s journey!

A day of miracles

I have been reading a lot of personal development and I thought that my life was getting better, but slowly and with ups and again great downs…

I live in a ┬ábig city now since a year and a half. I needed a lot of time to adjust and to see what I could do. The only thing was, being an English teacher, as that was my only experience here in China, job-wise. I didn’t like it, especially because here I had to teach children. I was always teaching adults before and I dislike children. With adults I can have a decent conversation, with children it was mostly playing games and childish talk. I felt I took a major step back instead of going forward in life.

Slowly, I started to find people who introduced me to other, better prospects. They introduced me to essential oils, so I took more care of my body. And I started to talk to people about these oils. I felt more positive, my body felt better, some ailments disappeared and I take them everywhere. I wouldn’t be able to live without them: I take them in my water, massage them on my skin, cook with them and diffuse it in the air. Especially living in China, it helps to care and nurture my body.

I also started to live more towards my dream: be a Tai Chi teacher. I came to China to study Kung fu and Tai Chi and I thought I had to go back to the West to teach as I thought I wouldn’t be able to teach in China, because everyone would want to learn from a Chinese. But, I found out that for most foreigners there is still a major barrier between Chinese and them. Also, most Chinese don’t speak English well, so I could explain everything in English. I decided quickly to not teach children anymore, because I kept on hating it and move more towards my dream, even if it meant that I would not have much money at first.

Fast forchoose to becomeward several months now and the entire last month I felt desperate and lost. More people want me for Tai Chi, but it goes slowly and most expats go back to their country for the summer holiday, so I was looking at 2 months of almost no pay. Not knowing how to pay the rent each month, I desperately devoured books on ‘the law of attraction’, how to create money, how to find my way…

And… miracles do happen! This morning I woke up and started to count how many Tai Chi classes I would have next week: I have 10 booked. I would start a success course tomorrow on teaching people the principles of what I learned in the books of personal development. I was not sure if people would show up, but this morning I got a message of someone asking if she can bring 3 friends to the course. And during the day, I got other messages of people coming. I had an interview this morning with a language center who is looking for a French teacher (I thought of teaching for a few months again to have more cash). During the interview, we talked about my Tai Chi and my English teaching experience. She wants to cooperate with me to have my success course in her center. And to have 1 or 2 Tai Chi classes a week there as well. At noon, another center contacted me (I never met them or even thought they existed) and asked if I could teach Tai Chi at their center too!

I can’t believe it! It’s a day full of miracles! The Law of Attraction really works! What you ask, you get… You can send me a message if you want to know how you can get the life you want!

7-day challenge

I have one habit I want to kick and seem not been able to do it: I have to drink coffee every day… I want to get rid of the habit as I don’t feel good about it anymore. I eat healthier, exercise more and live in a climate which is very humid and hot. So, my face is full of pimples (I feel like a teenager again and we all know how that period was), I feel not focuse

My biggest weakness: a beautiful cappuccino

d or even tired now when I drink coffee. I know that this is the combination of the coffee with the climate. When I drink coffee in my country, I don’t have these effects, but I can’t seem to kick the habit. I end up drinking coffee every day (sometimes even 2 or 3 cups). Because my brain is telling me: ah, it’s just coffee,… at least you’re not smoking or you’re not drinking alcohol (every day, just once in a while). But when I drank my coffee, I feel bad again and I don’t like the feeling to be addicted to something.

So, here is my challenge! Let’s all not do a habit, that we do every day but want to change, for the next 7 days! I will not drink coffee for 7 days. After that, I can reward myself with a coffee and see how it feels. Maybe, after these 7 days, I will have an aversion to the taste of coffee. Or, if I would only drink 1 coffee every 7 days, that’s going to be a victory already.

Let me know what kind of habit you want to change. Do the 7-day challenge and let me know how you felt. Was it difficult? What did you do to curb the cravings?