Essential oils and what they do to you… Personal experience

I started selling essential oils since a couple of weeks. I was first skeptical, mostly because of ignorance, because I had never used any oil before and knew nothing about it. My distributor told me to use them myself and I would see the difference. And, OMG, did they make a difference! I could never have thought what it can do in just a few days time.

I will write here about the oils I have been using so far and what changes happened in my life.

First, Frankincense. I use this oil, because I had severe acne for several months (I felt like a teenager again and not in the good way). I moved to a big city where the pollution, stressy lifestyle, hot weather and humidity caused an outbreak of acne that just wouldn’t disappear, no matter how many products I used. I started to apply Frankincense diluted with coconut oil every morning and evening and the acne is significantly less. Finally, after months, I feel more confident again and love to look at myself in the mirror again.

The second use of Frankincense that helped me immensely is on wounds that I had that wouldn’t heal. I am currently training for a marathon and about 3 weeks ago I ran half a marathon in a normal bra, no sports bra. Result: underneath my breasts the skin had rubbed away. Because I have to wear a bra every day and the weather is hot, so I keep on sweating and the bra is constantly rubbing that area, it didn’t heal. I tried several creams, but it stayed the same or healed a little bit, but when I went for a run again, it got worse again. I was skeptic on using the essential oil directly on an open wound. So, it took a while before I really wanted to try to apply Frankincense, which is known for its healing properties and not leaving scars after the wound healed. I applied it first with coconut oil together and after 2 days it started to itch immensely and I saw that the redness was far less than before. So, I started to apply it without the coconut oil and a couple of days later, the wounds were healed. Even when I go for a run, it doesn’t get any worse anymore. It has now completely healed. It was amazing and I am very glad that I don’t have that awkward pain or itch anymore 😉

The second oil I want to talk about is Peppermint. I start my day now by adding just 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil in my water and drink from this bottle the whole day. For weeks, I felt lethargic and felt like I had a fog in my head. I was busy with too many things, didn’t get enough sleep and was drinking more and more coffee every day to try to get energetic and focused enough. Since I started to use Peppermint, I feel better every morning. I feel like I have rested enough (although I know that I should catch up on sleep, because I still don’t sleep enough hours every night), I am more focused and energetic. So much so that I just drink 1 cup of coffee a day and only because it’s part of my routine not because I need it anymore to keep me awake.

The last one is a blend of oils, which I sell under the name Deep Blue. This oil helps with aching muscles from exercise. I diluted this oil together with coconut oil and take it to the massage place I go sometimes. Because of the running, my muscles are stiff and tense. With this oil, I don’t have any tension in my muscles anymore, I can stretch more again and I don’t feel any tiredness or cramps in my legs anymore.

All in all, I find that these oils have to be an essential part of your day! If you want to become a distributor or want to buy them as well, Let me know! I will post more experiences I have with these oils in later blog posts. Let me also know the experiences you had with essential oils. Would love to hear how they enriched your life!


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