Essential oils and what they do to you… Personal experience

I started selling essential oils since a couple of weeks. I was first skeptical, mostly because of ignorance, because I had never used any oil before and knew nothing about it. My distributor told me to use them myself and I would see the difference. And, OMG, did they make a difference! I could never have thought what it can do in just a few days time.

I will write here about the oils I have been using so far and what changes happened in my life.

First, Frankincense. I use this oil, because I had severe acne for several months (I felt like a teenager again and not in the good way). I moved to a big city where the pollution, stressy lifestyle, hot weather and humidity caused an outbreak of acne that just wouldn’t disappear, no matter how many products I used. I started to apply Frankincense diluted with coconut oil every morning and evening and the acne is significantly less. Finally, after months, I feel more confident again and love to look at myself in the mirror again.

The second use of Frankincense that helped me immensely is on wounds that I had that wouldn’t heal. I am currently training for a marathon and about 3 weeks ago I ran half a marathon in a normal bra, no sports bra. Result: underneath my breasts the skin had rubbed away. Because I have to wear a bra every day and the weather is hot, so I keep on sweating and the bra is constantly rubbing that area, it didn’t heal. I tried several creams, but it stayed the same or healed a little bit, but when I went for a run again, it got worse again. I was skeptic on using the essential oil directly on an open wound. So, it took a while before I really wanted to try to apply Frankincense, which is known for its healing properties and not leaving scars after the wound healed. I applied it first with coconut oil together and after 2 days it started to itch immensely and I saw that the redness was far less than before. So, I started to apply it without the coconut oil and a couple of days later, the wounds were healed. Even when I go for a run, it doesn’t get any worse anymore. It has now completely healed. It was amazing and I am very glad that I don’t have that awkward pain or itch anymore 😉

The second oil I want to talk about is Peppermint. I start my day now by adding just 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil in my water and drink from this bottle the whole day. For weeks, I felt lethargic and felt like I had a fog in my head. I was busy with too many things, didn’t get enough sleep and was drinking more and more coffee every day to try to get energetic and focused enough. Since I started to use Peppermint, I feel better every morning. I feel like I have rested enough (although I know that I should catch up on sleep, because I still don’t sleep enough hours every night), I am more focused and energetic. So much so that I just drink 1 cup of coffee a day and only because it’s part of my routine not because I need it anymore to keep me awake.

The last one is a blend of oils, which I sell under the name Deep Blue. This oil helps with aching muscles from exercise. I diluted this oil together with coconut oil and take it to the massage place I go sometimes. Because of the running, my muscles are stiff and tense. With this oil, I don’t have any tension in my muscles anymore, I can stretch more again and I don’t feel any tiredness or cramps in my legs anymore.

All in all, I find that these oils have to be an essential part of your day! If you want to become a distributor or want to buy them as well, Let me know! I will post more experiences I have with these oils in later blog posts. Let me also know the experiences you had with essential oils. Would love to hear how they enriched your life!


Ah… Procrastination!

Who hasn’t been procrastinating from time to time? We know we should take action, but we keep ourselves busy with daily small things.

We then go to seminars, workshops to learn about time management, stress management, maybe even a meditation or Tai Chi class. In those workshops or classes we get exercises to get into action or become more focused and to make our lives better and more organised. Unfortunately, most of us are getting lost in everyday activities almost as soon as we come home from that workshop or class.

Let me give an example from my own life. I have all these ideas to take my business to a next level and I am writing everything down of what I need to do. All of a sudden, I find that to rewatch ‘Sex and the city’ is more important. So, I find myself watching several episodes every day, thinking that my business can wait for a couple of days. I give excuses like ‘I have been working hard these past weeks, so I can use a break.’ But, with this in mind, I lose precious time and maybe I won’t remember everything clearly of what I wanted to do. I forgot some details.

How can we stop this procrastination?

It is difficult to stop our habits, but we have to if we want to reach our goals. Successful people don’t become successful, because they are procrastinators or because they just do what they love. We have to do things that we don’t want, but in the long term, we will be happy and have a more fulfilling life, because we pushed through.

We can change our habits and in only 5 or 6 weeks, this new habit has become common and we do it without thinking about it anymore. So, every bad habit can be turned into a good habit. If you think about something that you have to do, e.g. finish a project by a deadline, do some household chores that you have been putting off,… you do it within the 5 seconds that you think about it. Otherwise you just snooze through life and don’t live life to the fullest.

If you do this systematically, you will complete more things in your life and you will succeed more! Your life will be better and more organized, because you are not piling things up anymore.

Take the tips you got from any seminar you have been to, do your exercises. Go to a Tai Chi to increase your focus and live more in the present moment. It is important to take several actions every day. You will feel more relieved and will be able to have more control over your life.

Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.”

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