What about your breathing?

Most of the time we are not conscious of our breathing, although it is one of the most important functions of our body. Breathing means life. With a good abdominal breathing we can enhance our life quality, our health and our positive thinking.

If we look at animals they all have a normal breathing pattern. You see their whole body moving with their breathing. Unfortunately, we seem to have forgotten how to breathe this way.

Stress and what it does to your breathing

According to an American study 77% of all people have stress or stress-related symptoms. When we have stress our breathing becomes shallow and quick. This is necessary if we are in a difficult situation and we need a fight-or-flight reaction, but if this goes on for a long time, it will make us sick.

With the normal breathing, our whole body engages in the breathing process and we feel relaxed.

When we have stress, we don’t breathe through our abdomen, we just breathe through our chest. Our body is tense and cramped, which makes our breathing too shallow. When this happens, our body lacks oxygen. If this goes on for a long time, we will have many physical problems, from hyperventilation to high blood pressure.

A simple exercise you should incorporate in your daily routine: lie flat on your back, breathe in and count to 4 ; hold your breath for 4 seconds and breathe out while counting to 8.”

Breathing exercises

Our breathing is our most important tool to have a healthy body and a positive mind. Study showed that, not only will we stay healthy, but with a normal breathing pattern, we feel happier and we have more positive thoughts.

A simple exercise, which you should do every day is: lie flat on your back, breathe in and count to 4; hold your breath for 4 seconds and breathe out while counting to 8. While doing so, put a hand on your stomach and feel with every inhale your stomach expand, with every exhale you pull your stomach in.

You should do this for at least 4 times, if you have more time, then you can do it longer, up to 10 times. Don’t feel afraid when you feel a bit light-headed. This is normal as you are breathing more oxygen with every inhale and releasing more toxins from your body with every exhale.

There are many other breathing exercises you can do to make you relax more.

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