Fasting and what to pay attention to

For years, I have been reading about the benefits of fasting, but I was always scared of it. I thought I would be very hungry, that I would feel too weak to do exercise for some time after it. So, I always postponed doing it. Apart from a half a day fast with salt water when I was doing my Yoga training course and a 1-day juice fast, I never got the nerve to do more.

Last week, I did my first 2-day fasting ever. I only drank water. The first day normal, boiled water. The second day with salt in it to really clean my system. I felt surprisingly good: I didn’t feel hungry or didn’t crave any particular foods. I thought I would feel weak and tired, but apart from the second day where I felt a bit light-headed, I was ok. I didn’t feel a bad headache (a little headache is normal, because of the toxins leaving your body).

Above all I was happy with myself that I could do it without much effort. I was still functioning well, didn’t have any attention problems and didn’t think of food even. That was the thing I was most afraid of: the psychological part of my mind wanting to eat all the time. I sat next to my boyfriend while he was eating and I didn’t feel any urge to eat myself. This is the most victorious of my fast, I think, to overcome this psychological barrier within yourself. The voice inside you that tells you you need to eat! Especially because I grew up with a grandmother who always said you need to eat to e.g. be strong to fight against a cold or flu, against the cold in winter, etc…

The most difficult part was after the fast. The evening of my second day I started to drink juice, because it was 48 hours since I last ate, so I gradually started to get some nutrients again. My boyfriend and I went to a show and they gave us a free drink: lemon tea. I know I am citric acid intolerant, so I can’t eat or drink lemons, oranges. But just once in a while, I can eat or drink a juice of it without any problems. Not this time!! Because my system was clean, I got really sick. We are now one week later and it is slowly getting better.

So, before you go on a fast yourself, beware of the following points:

  • make sure that you don’t need to go far during your fast, especially when you drink salt water, you will have to stay near a toilet;
  • gradually start to introduce food again, don’t overeat on too many things, that way you will know what is good and what is bad for your body;
  • don’t drink coffee or alcohol right after your fast as they will cause a shock to your system.

I would recommend everyone to do this from time to time as it gives your digestive system a rest and your body has time to heal itself from all the toxins. Also, you will get to know your body more and more. For me, I found out that, not only I really can’t eat things with citric acid in it, but also spicy food is a big no-no (and I loved that stuff).

I wanted to do another fast next week, but I will give my body time to let itself heal completely and will do another 2-day water fast next month.

Let me know if you have any experience of fasting yourself. Please share your experience with me or if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

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