Beat your stress with a simple change every day!!


As a business woman or working mum, you know how you have to juggle with a number of things every day: household, work, kids, husband and parents, and then you want to have your own social life as well: have a drink with a friend, hit the gym a couple of times a week.

No wonder that you feel tired, irritated and have a number of physical problems, ranging from the occasional headache, upset stomach to heart palpitations, high blood pressure and after a few years it results in a number of chronic diseases.

What if there was an easy way to get rid of most of your stress symptoms and have a more fulfilling life? Dedicate 10 minutes of your time daily and you will be able to achieve this.”

What is stress?

First of all, I want to describe here what stress is. We all know it, we all have it, most of us even on a daily basis, But what is stress in its physiological state and more specific what does it to our breathing?

If you have an acute stress situation, your breathing will start to accelerate automatically. When the situation is gone, your breathing will slow down again.

With prolonged, chronic stress your body will get used to this state and your breathing can take a life of its own. Your breathing center in your brain starts to get used to the physical state of accelerated breathing.

This causes a range of physical problems: heavy feeling in your chest, feeling anxious, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and dizziness.

Create awareness

In our hectic life, we do almost everything without being fully aware of what we are doing. We are rushing from one appointment to the next, from one social gathering to another, we have to meet deadlines, have to respond to numerous phone calls, emails,… The list is long and this day in and day out.

Awareness means that we have to stand still and really look at what we are doing, really being present. Now, when we are in a meeting, we are already thinking on taking the kids from school or what to make for dinner. We are not fully aware of what is going on in the present moment. Our lives are being lived and we are simply going along with it.

Awareness is creating this shift from ‘being lived’ to ‘take control of your life and live it the way you want’.

How to create this in your life?

Tai Chi can help you to achieve this. Tai Chi is a centuries old martial arts in China, but has gained popularity in recent times due to its health benefits.

According to a study at Harvard Medical School, Tai Chi has the following benefits:

  • better balance

  • reduction in blood pressure

  • improved sleep

  • high level of health

  • positive affect and well-being

  • and so on

According to the Harvard Medical School, Tai Chi is ‘Medication in motion’, because of the many health benefits one gets from practicing.”

Tai Chi will give you a better posture and will make you breathe deeper and slower. The start of your Tai Chi practice is to stand erect, your feet at shoulder width and your knees a bit bent. Your hips are straight, which means that you tuck your bottom in. Your shoulders are relaxeIMG_2316d, so make sure you don’t hold them up or you keep them cramped and tensed (much of our tension is in our shoulders, so always keep in mind to relax this part). You can hold your hands next to your body or keep them in front of you, elbows a bit bent as well and palms outward or inward. When you stand like this, you breathe in and make your belly big, breathe out and pull your belly in, chest big. Again make sure that the rest of your body, and especially your shoulders are relaxed.

If you do this simple exercise 10 minutes each day, you will feel that you will develop a better posture and that your breathing will become deeper and more relaxed. Your head will feel clearer and you will feel less tired. You will feel that you can face any of the daily challenges easier and that your stress symptoms will go away.

You will even become more attractive to the people around you, because of this new posture. Think about it for yourself: do you rather talk to someone who stands erect, has open shoulders and lifted head or someone who has a slumped posture? The person who stands straight, appears more confident, friendly, even more intelligent, than a person who looks like she has got the world on her shoulders.

Because of this new posture your physique will change and you will feel a lot of psychological changes as well: more confidence, more positive thoughts, more motivation, better concentration,…

I challenge you to start from today and see for yourself!

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