Can we work together?

We will work amazingly together and you’ll see results if…

  • You feel stuck, but know you have masses of untapped potential lying beneath the surface
  • You don’t necessarily know exactly what it is you want or maybe can’t quite articulate it yet, but you’re committed to making whatever it is happen
  • You want to move forward quickly and not spend 5 years pondering the meaning of life
  • You genuinely want to know what makes you tick and how to motivate yourself
  • You really, truly get that money alone won’t make you happy
  • You’re hungry for success, but not just financial success – see above!
  • You’re keen to learn and eager as a young puppy to try new things out
  • You’re a Life Coach yourself or want to become a Life Coach

On the other hand, we probably won’t be a great fit if…

  • You have serious commitment issues
  • You think life is unfair and you have been dealt a poor hand – in other words, you see yourself as a victim
  • You only want to work on time management and productivity skills – I suck at those and get bored very easily
  • You think it’s cool to have a Life Coach, but don’t want to actually do any work
  • You have anger management issues that you like to take out on therapists and Life Coaches
  • You want to learn NLP – I use it, I don’t teach it
  • You have psychiatric or medical issues

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